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A.Kim Advogados is a law firm that values the quality of its work and is fortunate to rely on a team specialized in corporate and tax laws who is able to provide broad assistance to its clients and businesses, including, among others, labour, tax, and corporate restructuring, as well as to defend their interests in Court.

Our lawyers are specialized in their practice areas, always seeking the best solutions for the needs of our clients.

André Kim

With over eighteen years of experience in Tax and Corporate Laws, André has a postgraduate degree in Tax Law from Coordenadoria Geral de Especialização, Aperfeiçoamento e Extensão (COGEAE/PUC-SP) and in Corporate and Contracts Law from Centro de Extensão Universitária (CEU/OAB). He started his career in one of the leading auditing and consulting companies in the market (PricewaterhouseCoopers), and, later on, worked for the renowned law firm Pompeu, Longo, Kignel & Cipullo Advogados and for one of the leading steel companies in Brazil (CSN).


Edson Taro Nakajima

With over seventeen years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, corporate restructuring and contracts, as well as in civil, real estate, consumer and intellectual property law. He is known for his leading role in multidisciplinary teams during image crisis management processes involving the different areas of a company. With a post-graduate degree in Business Law from FGV-RJ and in Contracts from Coordenadoria Geral de Especialização, Aperfeiçoamento e Extensão (COGEAE/PUC-SP), Edson has worked for important law firms and major publicly held companies in Brazil.


Leandro Souza Ferraz

With over fourteen years of experience in Civil, Contracts and Corporate Laws and a post-graduate degree in Civil and Civil Procedural Law from Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD), Leandro has taken a specialization course in the new Civil Procedural Code at Escola Superior da Advocacia da OAB/SP (ESA). He started in one of the largest independent provider of auto, home and personal assistance services in Brazil, Tempo Participações, from Grupo GP Investimentos , sold in 2016 to the Carlyle Group.