Commitment, dedication, agility and reliability!

About us

A.Kim Advogados is a Brazilian independent law firm founded in 2011. We provide legal services across all areas of Corporate Law, and our main goal is to deliver our clients the most accurate interpretation and application of Brazilian laws.

Since its foundation, A.Kim Advogados has been specially assisting clients in the technology sector, by understanding their needs and goals and by offering them the legal and necessary means to meet and reach these goals.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our driving force


At A.Kim Advogados, we are constantly working to become a reference of excellence in legal services, always in accordance with our most ethical and professional principles, and in a committed, agile and updated manner, in order to provide the high quality services that our clients are looking for.


Our mission at A.Kim Advogados is to help our clients reach their goals by providing them exclusive and high added value legal services, which perfectly adjust to the needs and areas of performance of each of one of them.


The core values of A.Kim Advogados are perfection and excellence in provided services, always acting in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards and delivering quality, agility, constant improvement, updating, commitment and innovation.

Our biggest asset is our constant search for legal knowledge and our understanding of our clients’ businesses, allowing us to correctly apply the laws to their interests.

Practice Areas

A. Kim Advogados offers legal services in all areas of law, with a team of experts in each practice areas, as well as a wide network of correspondents able to meet the needs of our clients in all Brazilian courts.

Our team of experts works quickly, effectively and efficiently in order to meet all demands of our clients, ensuring high standards of quality in all services provided.

Civil and Consumer Law

A.Kim Advogados provides a wide range support to clients, both in conflict resolution and in the preparation of documents, such as statements, reports, manuals and procedures, among others.


A.Kim Advogados assists clients in the analysis and drafting of all types of contracts, as well as in all stages of the negotiation of such documents, providing a broad support to meet all clients’ needs.