We are a full service, multidisciplinary law firm.

Practice Areas

We provide consulting and litigation services on the following areas of law:

Corporate Law

A.Kim Advogados provides a broad support to help its clients structure their business, from the development of corporate organizational charts and corporate flows to the drafting and analysis of the necessary corporate documents.

A.Kim Advogados also helps its clients in merger, acquisition and spin-off transactions, from the initial due diligence to the execution and enforcement of contracts.


A.Kim Advogados analyzes and drafts contracts in general and acts directly in the intermediation of contractual relations, providing comprehensive assistance to our clients to achieve all your needs.

Business Law

A.Kim Advogados advises its clients in all business related issues, from the negotiation of commercial and civil relations to the execution and enforcement of contracts, preparing all necessary documents, as well as legal opinions.

Civil and Consumer Law

A.Kim Advogados provides a wide range support to clients, both in conflict resolution and in the preparation of documents, such as statements, reports, manuals and procedures, among others.

Intellectual property

A.Kim Advogados analyses and prepares all documents and applications necessary to the protection of its clients’ intellectual property, such as the protection of trademarks and logos, as well as the protection of creations, innovations and utility models created by them.


A.Kim Advogados assists its clients in the assessment and interpretation of tax laws, considering their application to day-to-day activities, and, as a result of such review and interpretation, provides advice and issues technical letters and legal opinions.

A.Kim Advogados helps its clients in the tax structuring of projects and transactions involving several jurisdictions, such as mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, as well as in corporate restructuring, structured finance, capital markets and project finance.

Our work includes the performance of due diligences to determine tax issues; the review of tax procedures, including monitoring and compliance with tax requirements, and the negotiation of tax benefits or different tax treatments.

A.Kim Advogados also represents its clients in tax proceedings and disputes, whether at the administrative or court level.

Technology and Internet

A.Kim Advogados assists its clients in all aspects of technology and internet-related activities, since the planning of such activities until their effective implementation, by analysing all applicable rules and the possible ways to operate in these industries and by drafting and reviewing all relevant documents.


A.Kim Advogados advises and represents its clients before Direct and Indirect Public Administration agencies, offering wide support to its clients in bidding procedures, execution of contracts, registration updates, granting of licenses, mining rights and all other areas of Administrative Law.